Anonymous sent: do you have headcanons for the outsiders?

Im surprised anyone even asked, but sure I do! Most I came up with while in the midst of writing my fanfics for The Outsiders actually! :)

The Curtis Brothers:

- Ponyboy, Sodapop and Darry were all taught how to play the piano by their mother when they were younger, however after the death of their parents the boys rarely play. Ponyboy does only when he’s alone, Soda probably forgot most of what he learned and Darry has no time. Despite this they try to keep the piano in memory of their mother who loved it dearly. (Based off the Movie and the Random Piano that is in their Dining Room)

-All three boys kept their parents room completely how it was before they died for the longest time. They cleaned it, and kept it tidy, and made sure no one went in and wrecked havoc in it. Eventually they all decided that it was unhealthy to make it a shrine to their late parents, and used it as a guest room for close friends who would be respectful to the contents in it. Johnny was the rooms most common resident.


- Even though he liked his natural hair colour, he started to grow fond of the blond ‘cause it reminded him of Johnny.

- During the week in Windrixville, Ponyboy made the choice that he was going to help Johnny in school so that they could graduate together and Johnny could hopefully get a good job and get out of his parents place.


- Sodapop is the only out of the three Curtis Brothers that gives his children unique names, carrying on the tradition their father started.

- Despite having trouble focusing, Soda was determined to finish high school even if he wasn’t going anywhere afterwards. Though after his parents died his world crashed down on him and he knew he wouldn’t be able to graduate without their love and support.

- Soda is completely aware that he can’t handle things that are negative in the world, but instead of expressing these feelings he puts on a smile cause he feels like that is what he’s expected to do.


- Darry keeps a close eye on who Soda (and later Ponyboy) dates, to make sure they won’t get into too much trouble with them. However, unless he really gets a bad vibe, Darry lets both boys make their own mistakes knowing very well they’d do what they wanted in the end anyway.

-Darry was sure that after a half hour Ponyboy was going to come back home after he hit him. When he didn’t, Darry was the one to start a search party with Soda, Steve and Two-bit to try and find him and Johnny.


- Dally started to care for Ponyboy in a similar way that he did Johnny

- In his final moments, Dallas realized everyone in the gang really truly cared for him and that was enough to keep living, but by then it was too late.

- Dallas didn’t like when someone back-talked him or called him out on something when it was in front of others ‘cause he disliked the type of attention that made him feel uneasy. It reminded him too much of his first time being arrested as a kid and being interrogated by the police. So he resorted to threats and violence to make himself feel tougher.

- However he could fully respect someone for calling him out on something he did or said if his feelings were respected, which normally meant saying something without a lot of people around. To Dally it takes a lot of guts for someone to call him out on stuff considering his rep.


- After Johnny and Dallas died, Two-bit started drinking even more than he normally did and found himself in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Because of this experience he slows down significantly and tries to stop drinking altogether.

-Two-bit doesn’t just love Mickey Mouse he is an enthusiast for anything Disney makes, however Mickey will always be special to him.

-Two-bit was the one that found Bob’s dead body in the park when the group went looking for Ponyboy and Johnny. He pretends like he doesn’t remember much of that night due to drinking, when in fact he remembers every detail and it haunts him some days.


- Steve was angry at Soda when he dropped out of high school, ‘cause to him that ‘perfect’ high school experience every one told him he’d have was ruined without Soda. Steve quickly realized that this was selfish and became supportive of Soda’s choice.

- Aside from Darry and Ponyboy, Steve was the only one that graduated high school.


- Johnny really liked animals, and really wanted a pet to keep him company so he didn’t feel so lonely at home.

-When he was a few years younger, he had grown close to a teacher who caught wind of the abuse that went on at home. She was planning to help Johnny get out of his situation, but nothing came of it when she got into an accident over Thanksgiving Break.


- After what happened, Cherry found herself battling mild depression. Instead of going to a high end College like she intended, she found herself stuck in this town that held so many memories and growing distant from her high school friends, including Marcia.

-Three Years later, Cherry eventually worked through her own feelings on the week Bob, Johnny and Dallas died and went to a nice College not far from home.

-She ended up reuniting with Marcia, picking up where they left off, and marrying a nice middle-class man.




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